What is a Bespoke Property Sale?

We started Trow Jones to offer a bespoke real estate service that has the client’s best interest at its heart. What does that mean?

Some properties may be best suited to an on-market campaign, but not necessarily an auction. Some clients may wish to sell their property discreetly. An off-market sale may be the best approach for one property but not another. Taking a bespoke view and asking “what’s the best way to sell this particular property to maximise our client’s return?” is our approach.

As an agent this customised method isn’t the easiest way to sell a property – the easiest way is selling every property the same traditional way, which allows for higher, quicker volumes of sales – or “churn”.

But for the client, a bespoke approach is the most effective way – it results in the optimum price, with reduced selling costs and stress as valuable side benefits.

Auctions are a great example. Auctions can work very well in a hot market, but why are they utilised so enthusiastically by real estate agents in a cooler market? It’s to put pressure on the vendors as much as the buyers for a quick sale.

Open homes are another example. They can be used to create an air of competition, especially in a hot market. However, there’s no way to know who the serious buyers are and they don’t allow for any 1:1 time between the buyers and the agent. But they’re over utilised by agents as they’re incredibly time efficient – for the agent. They’re also a great way for the agent to give their own personal brand more exposure.

At Trow Jones, we may suggest holding open homes in certain market conditions. But we much prefer to hold private 1:1 viewings, with potential buyers having been vetted first. This isn’t the most time efficient method for us, but it’s the most efficient way for the client.

For certain clients and properties, an off-market sales campaign will suit them well. An off-market campaign can be incredibly cost-effective and discreet, while still resulting in the optimal price for the client. For a long time, it’s been unpopular with many real estate agents simply because it is so discreet. Click here to learn more about off-market sales.

We appreciate that each client’s property and circumstance is unique, and to achieve the best result for our clients we tailor our sales strategy accordingly.