TROW JONES is a boutique real estate agency
specialising in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

We can't say enough positive things about Trow Jones


You deserve the best
possible selling price

As a boutique real estate agency, we work with a
limited number of clients at any one time. That way we
can give your sale the focus and attention to detail it
deserves, so you get the highest possible return.

You're one of a few,
not one of many

When you sell with us, you deal only with our director Mark
Jones. Unlike larger agencies we won’t palm you off to junior
agents at any point. And Mark builds the relationships directly
with your prospective buyers too – which pays dividends
when it’s negotiation time.

My experience was so overwhelmingly positive that
I recommend Trow Jones 100%

- Linda S. Bronte

You get honest
advice from start
to finish

We don’t resort to common real estate agents’ tactics
such as giving you an inflated appraisal of your
property’s value to win your business. You can move
ahead with certainty, armed with advice grounded in

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