Why bigger isn’t better when it comes to selling your home 

You’ve got a lot of options when choosing which real estate agency should sell your home, whether that’s listing with a big franchise group, a big independent business or a boutique estate agency.

It’s not a decision to be taken lightly. That’s because your choice of agency can make a big difference in your selling price. 

You would be forgiven for assuming that the bigger the agency, the better. After all, big businesses have well-known brand names. And, because they’re bigger, they obviously make a lot more sales each year. So they must be doing something right … right?

Well, as it turns out, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to selling your property. In fact, it’s often worse – as there’s the real danger you become nothing more than a number. 

Quantity over quality 

The problem is, big agencies have big overheads and are in pursuit of big profits. So they typically put their agents under immense pressure to hit sales targets. To reach these targets, some agents take a ‘churn and burn’ approach in which the agent prioritises their sales numbers over their clients’ results.

Often, they’ll use a one-size-fits-all approach to selling your home, so they can dedicate more time to hunting for their next listings. That typically means getting you to pay for expensive marketing while doing very little active sales work on their own – instead, they just get realestate.com.au and Domain to do the heavy lifting for them.

Even worse, some of these agents use underhanded tactics, like overquoting to you to win your business (i.e. telling you your property is worth more than it is).

At Trow Jonew we pride ourselves on giving vendors accurate appraisals. That way, our vendors don’t receive nasty surprises midway through their sales campaign.

Real estate should be about customer service, not volume 

Unlike traditional ‘volume’ agencies, as a boutique agency we take a very personalised approach to selling homes. At Trow Jones we create a tailored marketing campaign for each and every property, and put more time into sourcing and nurturing buyers.

What’s more, at Trow Jones, you’ll deal with just one senior agent from beginning to end – our director, Mark Jones. To ensure you get the best service, Mark only takes on a limited number of clients at a time and handles all the communications himself. He prides himself on building strong relationships with buyers, which gives him an edge when it comes time to negotiate.

Now contrast that with what typically happens at a bigger agency. A senior agent will convince you to sign. However, you’ll then be left in the hands of a junior agent while they ‘oversee’ the campaign.

Looking to sell your Eastern Suburbs’ property? Trow Jones is a boutique estate agency that works to get you the highest possible return. Get in touch by calling 02 8667 5330 or emailing info@trowjones.com.